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Powerpoint background, power point slides powerpoint backgroundss

PowerPoint Backgrounds by Tom Antion

Lots of Powerpoint backgrounds questions for you to think about

Powerpoint backgrounds should not look like a kaleidoscope. Powerpoint backgrounds should not even catch the attention of those looking at them. A good Powerpoint background is not even noticeable at all. Do you want people admiring your Powerpoint background or paying attention to your content?

A fancy Powerpoint background will most likely hurt your overall performance. I don't understand why someone would get so wrapped up in a cute background that they would jeopardize their overall performance and impact. Do they think the Powerpoint background is going to make up for a terrible presentation? Maybe they have stage fright and think the Powerpoint background will take the attention off themselves.

I guess this could be true for a moment, but who do they think will get blamed for the poor display they've put on?

Tips for using Powerpoint backgrounds

  • Keep your Powerpoint backgrounds simple. Let the words be the focal point.

  • Forget animation in your Powerpoint backgrounds. Bring in elephants if you want to look like a circus

  • Pay attention to color and match it to your presentations.

Even if you use a fantastic custom made powerpoint background do you think that is going to make you a great presenter?
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