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You can be a great presenter WITHOUT using PowerPoint

Powerpoint template, power point slides powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint Templates by Tom Antion

Lots of Free Powerpoint template questions for you to think about

Why in the world would you want a free Powerpoint template? Is your company too cheap to get decent presentation materials? Are you? Free Powerpoint templates are available to everyone. How stupid are you going to look when the presenter before you is using the same template you are? Whomever goes first with the free Powerpoint template wins. The person who goes second looks like a copycat.

If you have to use free Powerpoint templates because your boss won't give up the budget, then at least customize them for yourself or you are bound to look stupid either sooner or later.

Why not throw away your free powerpoint templates and get good at presenting and use some regular video or screen capture video like Camtasia. Do a good job with this and watch the audience come alive.

Guess what. . . . Even if you use a fantastic custom made Powerpoint template do you think that is going to make you a great presenter?
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