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You can be a great presenter WITHOUT using PowerPoint

Powerpoint template, power point slides powerpoint templates

PowerPoint Templates by Tom Antion

Lots of Powerpoint template questions for you to think about

Powerpoint templates are designed to make things easy for you. Do you realize how mind numbing standard Powerpoint templates can be for your audience? Haven't you been in an audience when people around you were snickering about the same old Powerpoint templates the presenter was using? Do you really want to be known at your job as the "snoozer" because you put up the same worn out Powerpoint template you've been using the last three years?

I sure wouldn't want that reputation. Do you think what you're doing is going to make you stand out in light of the other 3000 pitiful Powerpoint template presentations your colleagues and audience members have seen over and over again.

  • Couldn't you put a flip chart on both sides of the room and go back and forth between them to make your points?

  • Couldn't you scrap that Powerpoint template and spend some time learning a compelling story that really moves people?

  • Do you want to be run-of-the-mill or outstanding?

Even if you use a fantastic custom made template do you think that is going to make you a great presenter?
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